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Color is everywhere. It's in the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and even the walls of your home. But what if you want to pick a color code from an image?

That's where Color Code Finder comes in! With our tool, it takes just one click to find a color code on any image. You can also use it to create a palette from any photo - perfect for finding inspiration or creating your next masterpiece.

The best part about using our tool is that images are processed inside your browser and are never uploaded to our servers. So no matter how many colors you need, they will always be right there with you! And because it runs locally on your machine, there's no waiting time when loading up an image - so go ahead and get started today!

How to pick colors from an image?

  1. Upload an image: Click on the "Select Image" button above to open a file picker to select an image from your computer or mobile device. Note: The image you select stays on your device and is never uploaded to our servers.
  2. Pick colors from the image: Move your mouse over the image (or your drag your finger, on mobile), and click on the specific color that you want to select. The current color code will be displayed in a magnifying lens at all times. Repeat this process to pick multiple colors from the image.
  3. Copy color code: Once you have picked the colors that you want, you can copy the color codes by clicking on the "Copy" icon besides the color code on the right. The selected color is shown in 3 common formats: Hex, RGB/RGBA, and HSL/HSLA. You can paste these color codes into your design software or HTML/CSS code.
  4. Download color codes: Click on the Download icon next to the History section to download a file containing all color codes you have selected.

Is ColorCodeFinder free to use?

Yes, ColorCodeFinder is completely free to use with no limits on the number of images or colors you can process.

What image formats does ColorCodeFinder support?

ColorCodeFinder supports any image format that is supported by your browser, including popular raster image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, WEBP and vector image formats like SVG. We also support AVIF and HEIC images on browsers that support them, like Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Does ColorCodeFinder work on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, ColorCodeFinder is fully responsive and works seamlessly on all touch screen devices.

Can I find colors for transparent or semi-transparent pixels?

Yes, our color picker automatically switches to RGBA/HSLA formats when a semi-transparent pixel is selected from an image that supports transparency like PNG, WEBP, AVIF, HEIC.

Does ColorCodeFinder work for animated GIFs?

ColorCodeFinder will only process the first frame of an animated GIF. It does not analyze multiple frames currently.

Is my image data secure when using ColorCodeFinder?

Yes, images are processed locally in your browser and no data is transmitted or stored on external servers.

Why doesn't ColorCodeFinder work on my image?

If ColorCodeFinder fails to process an image, it is likely due to an unsupported file type or corruption in the image data. Make sure the file is a valid image format and your browser supports it.

Is there an Android or iOS app for ColorCodeFinder?

At this time we do not offer mobile apps but our website is fully responsive and works great on mobile devices. We regularly test ColorCodeFinder on the latest versions of Android (Google Chrome) and iOS (Apple Safari).

I have another question not listed here. How can I contact support?

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at support [at] and we'll get back as soon as we can.

ColorCodeFinder was created with the following open-source technologies:

  • React - the main front end framework used to create the user interface.
  • Next.js - a React framework that makes it easy to create fast loading web applications.
  • - a fast, simple, and efficient implementation of the K-means clustering algorithm, used to create the color palette from the image.
  • colord - a fast color utility library is used on our RGB to Hex and Hex to RGB tools and to calculate various color schemes in our individual color pages like Neon Yellow.
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