Lunar Rock Color (#c5c5c5)

Lunar Rock

Lunar Rock Gray is a unique and modern color that has recently come into popularity. It's an off-white shade with a slightly bluish hue, and its hex code is #c5c5c5. This neutral hue works well with many colors, so it's an excellent option for anyone looking to create an unobtrusive backdrop or subtle accent.

This color is commonly used in modern interior design, providing an effortless elegance that pairs well with wood and metal finishes. Lunar Rock Gray can also be used for more eclectic looks when combined with bright colors like yellow or pink.

In fashion, this cool gray works excellent for minimalist pieces or to create a monochromatic look. It's a versatile shade that can be dressed up or down and goes with almost any other color. Lunar Rock Gray is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a modern and sophisticated finish.

In the RGB color space, the color Lunar Rock has the values (197, 197, 197), being composed of 77.3% Red (R), 77.3% Green (G), and 77.3% Blue (B).

In the HSL color space, the color Lunar Rock has a hue of 0 degrees, a saturation of 0.0% and a lightness of 77.3%.

In the CMYK color space, Lunar Rock is composed of 0 parts of Cyan (C), 0 parts of Magenta (M), 0 parts of Yellow (Y), and 23 parts of Black (K).

Lunar Rock Color Codes

RGB197, 197, 197rgb(197, 197, 197)
RGB Percent77.3%, 77.3%, 77.3%rgb(77.3%, 77.3%, 77.3%)
RGB 0-10.7725, 0.7725, 0.7725color(srgb 0.7725 0.7725 0.7725)CSS 4
HSL0°, 0.0%, 77.3%hsl(0, 0.0%, 77.3%)
CMYK0, 0, 0, 23
LAB (D50)79.52, 0.00, 0.00lab(79.52 0.00 0.00)CSS 4
LCH (D50)79.52, 0.00, 0.00°lch(79.52 0.00 0.00)CSS 4
OKLAB0.8234, 0.0000, 0.0000oklab(0.8234 0.0000 0.0000)CSS 4
OKLCH0.8234, 0.0000, 0.00°oklch(0.8234 0.0000 0.00)CSS 4
XYZ (D50)0.5384, 0.5583, 0.4607color(xyz-d50 0.5384 0.5583 0.4607)CSS 4
XYZ (D65)0.5307, 0.5583, 0.6081color(xyz-d65 0.5307 0.5583 0.6081)CSS 4

Tints, Shades & Tones of Lunar Rock Color

Tints, shades, and tones can be used to create unique effects in art and design. By using tints, shades, and tones, you can add depth and dimension to your work.


A tint is a lightened color, achieved by adding white. This can create a softer, more delicate look.



A shade is a darkened color, achieved by adding black. This can create a richer, more dramatic look.



A tone is a muted color, achieved by adding gray. This can create a more subtle, sophisticated look.

Lunar Rock
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