Neon Blue Color (#04d9ff)

Neon Blue

Neon Blue is a vibrant and electrifying color with the hex code #04d9ff. This color is a dazzling representation of cyan that instantly captures the eye, evoking impressions of liveliness and energy. It's almost halfway between green and blue, exhibiting the calming serenity of blue with a thrilling dash of greenish undertone. Neon Blue emits an almost luminescent glow on digital screens, reminiscent of the illuminating brilliance of neon lights, hence the name.

The history of Neon Blue is closely tied to the development and popularity of neon lights in the 20th century. Neon lights, first demonstrated in a modern form in 1910 by Georges Claude, a French engineer, took the world by storm. Although traditional neon lights emit a fiery red color, additional colors like neon blue became possible with the development of fluorescent lighting and the use of different gases. Neon Blue specifically gained popularity with the advent of digital technology, featuring prominently in many digital interfaces, computer graphics, and LED displays.

Neon Blue is extensively used in various industries for its striking visual appeal. In marketing and advertising, it's used to grab attention and evoke a sense of excitement. In digital design, it's frequently used in interface elements like buttons and links due to its high visibility against dark backgrounds. It is also popular in the entertainment industry, often associated with futuristic themes, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) culture, and sci-fi genres. Neon Blue is also prevalent in fashion and interior design, where it's used to create bold, contemporary, and lively aesthetics.

In the RGB color space, the color Neon Blue has the values (4, 217, 255), being composed of 1.6% Red (R), 85.1% Green (G), and 100.0% Blue (B).

In the HSL color space, the color Neon Blue has a hue of 189 degrees, a saturation of 100.0% and a lightness of 50.8%.

In the CMYK color space, Neon Blue is composed of 98 parts of Cyan (C), 15 parts of Magenta (M), 0 parts of Yellow (Y), and 0 parts of Black (K).

Neon Blue Color Codes

RGB4, 217, 255rgb(4, 217, 255)
RGB Percent1.6%, 85.1%, 100.0%rgb(1.6%, 85.1%, 100.0%)
RGB 0-10.0157, 0.8510, 1.0000color(srgb 0.0157 0.8510 1.0000)CSS 4
HSL189°, 100.0%, 50.8%hsl(189, 100.0%, 50.8%)
CMYK98, 15, 0, 0
LAB (D50)79.52, -35.48, -31.72lab(79.52 -35.48 -31.72)CSS 4
LCH (D50)79.52, 47.59, 221.80°lch(79.52 47.59 221.80)CSS 4
OKLAB0.8161, -0.1165, -0.0864oklab(0.8161 -0.1165 -0.0864)CSS 4
OKLCH0.8161, 0.1450, 216.55°oklch(0.8161 0.1450 216.55)CSS 4
XYZ (D50)0.4109, 0.5583, 0.7815color(xyz-d50 0.4109 0.5583 0.7815)CSS 4
XYZ (D65)0.4291, 0.5687, 1.0333color(xyz-d65 0.4291 0.5687 1.0333)CSS 4

Neon Blue Color Harmonies

Analogous Palette

Analogous color harmonies are created using three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For Neon Blue (#04d9ff) the analogous colors are Enthusiasm (#04ffa7) and Y7K Blue (#045cff). These harmonies often have a calm, relaxed feeling and can be used to create a sense of unity in a design.

#04d9ffNeon Blue
#045cffY7K Blue

Complementary Palette

One of the most popular color schemes in art and design is the complementary color scheme. This color scheme makes use of two colors that sit opposite of each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, red and green, or purple and yellow. The color opposite to Neon Blue (#04d9ff) is Ferrari Red (#ff2a04). By using contrasting colors, this scheme can create a dynamic and eye-catching look.

#04d9ffNeon Blue

Split-Complementary Palette

Split-complementary color harmony is created when one color is combined with the two colors on either side of its complementary color. The two split-complementary colors forNeon Blue (#04d9ff) are Flaming Hot Flamingoes (#ff045c) and Chrome Yellow (#ffa704). This type of color scheme is often used in interior design because it is both visually appealing and harmonious.

#04d9ffNeon Blue
#ff045cFlaming Hot Flamingoes
#ffa704Chrome Yellow

Double Split-Complementary Palette

Double split-complementary color harmony is a color scheme that consists of two pairs of colors that are complementary to each other. The first pair consists of the main colorEnthusiasm (#04ffa7) and its complement Y7K Blue (#045cff), while the second pair consists of the two colors adjacent to the main color's complement: Flaming Hot Flamingoes (#ff045c) and Chrome Yellow (#ffa704). This type of color harmony is often used in art and design to create a sense of balance and visual interest.

#04d9ffNeon Blue
#045cffY7K Blue
#ff045cFlaming Hot Flamingoes
#ffa704Chrome Yellow

Rectangle Palette

Rectangle color harmony is a color scheme based on the rectangular shape. It is made up of four colors: two complementary colors: Neon Blue (#04d9ff) and Ferrari Red (#ff2a04), a split-complementary color: Blue Pencil (#2a04ff), and an analogous color: Lime Zest (#d9ff04). This type of color scheme is often used in web design and advertising. The rectangular shape helps to create a sense of balance and stability, while the four colors provide a wide range of options for creating an eye-catching design.

#04d9ffNeon Blue
#2a04ffBlue Pencil
#d9ff04Lime Zest

Triadic Palette

Triadic color harmony is a color scheme that uses three colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. For Neon Blue (#04d9ff) the two colors that form a triadic color scheme are Hot Magenta (#ff04d9) and Lime Zest (#d9ff04). To create a triadic color scheme, you can either choose three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel or you can choose two colors and then find the third color that is equidistant from them. Triadic color schemes are often used in art and design because they are both visually pleasing and harmonious.

#04d9ffNeon Blue
#ff04d9Hot Magenta
#d9ff04Lime Zest

Tetradic Palette

Tetradic color harmony is created when four colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel are used together. For Neon Blue (#04d9ff) the three colors that form a tetradic color scheme are Digital Violets (#a704ff), Ferrari Red (#ff2a04) andPoisonous (#5cff04). This type of harmony is often used in menswear, as it can create a strong and masculine look. Done well, tetradic color harmony can create a bold and stylish look.

#04d9ffNeon Blue
#a704ffDigital Violets

Tints, Shades & Tones of Neon Blue Color

Tints, shades, and tones can be used to create unique effects in art and design. By using tints, shades, and tones, you can add depth and dimension to your work.


A tint is a lightened color, achieved by adding white. This can create a softer, more delicate look.



A shade is a darkened color, achieved by adding black. This can create a richer, more dramatic look.



A tone is a muted color, achieved by adding gray. This can create a more subtle, sophisticated look.

Neon Blue
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